Feedback and Complaints

Romulus Rising Pty Ltd’s policy is to remove any inaccurate or defamatory material brought to our attention and publicly acknowledge and correct all our mistakes as soon as possible.

We correct mistakes in the original story on the website and then denote the change with a correction/clarification note at the bottom of the story.

Our journalists, contributors, and freelancers have a duty to cooperate frankly and openly with the editor about any problems and to report errors to them.

Breaches of the code

Where a journalist, contributor, or freelancer is found to have breached company code, a range of actions could be taken, including further training, formal performance management or termination.

Code of conduct

This publication is bound by the standards of practice of the Australian Press Council. If you are unsatisfied with the response to your complaint by our editorial team you may approach the council to seek resolution.

Complaints/Corrections Form

Please alert us to factual errors, complaints or any other tips to help improve future coverage.

Editorial complaints should be about a specific story or broadcast. You will need to tell us where and when you saw or heard it and why you believe it breached our editorial standards.

You may choose to remain anonymous. Please note that whilst an anonymous complaint may be submitted, we will not respond to anonymous correspondence. To receive a response to your email please fill in your full name and a valid email address.



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